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  • Leaether Strip. Spaectator. Red Vinyl.
  • Leaether Strip. Spaectator. Red Vinyl.
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Leaether Strip. Spaectator. Red Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Leæther Strip is back! Three years of work have gone into the new album which marks the return of one of the most influential artists on the international electronic music scene. Spæctator is the album we have been long waiting for from Claus Larson, featuring a mixture of old-school EBM, harsh rhythms and beautiful electronic ballads destined for dancefloors around the world. According to Larson the album represents a piece of his life, recalling low points and high points, suffering and joy. It’s all here: the anger, the romance, the restlessness… accompanied by lush electronic arrangements and powerful four-on-the-floor-beats. Surely to be considered not only one of the best releases of 2016, but also one of the top Leæther Strip albums to date. A must have! Limited edition First Quality RED coloured VINYL + Full colour Poster!

Track Listing

01 Obligate
02 White as Chalk
03 Filling the Graves
04 Down
05 Spaectator
06 So beautiful
07 Victorious
08 Same old Shit
09 Pigz
10 Luc Van Acker