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  • Last Days of S.E.X. Sabotage Normality. CD.

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Last Days of S.E.X. Sabotage Normality. CD.

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After an eight-year-interim, Greek producer Manos Chrisovergis presents his third album on HANDS – and the good news is he follows through with his compelling score of affiliating noisy bedlam and political agitation.

Eleven original tracks, an officially approved Einstürzende Neubauten cover version and five remixes by guest artists make for 72 minutes of mayhem in different shapes. Constantly oscillating between freeform noise bursts and structuring elements, “Sabotage Normality” promises some perfect diversion for the industrial connoisseur, and an appropriate setting for the anarchist agenda expressed through the track titles. There is no such thing in life as normal, so you better give up the pursuit of normality and enjoy the Last Days of S.E.X.!

Product Videos

Last Days Of S.E.X. ~ Selfcreated Prison (03:28)
Album : Sabotage Normality [2017] Buy here : https://handsofficial.bandcamp.com/album/sabotage-normality https://www.discogs.com/Last-Days-Of-SEX-Sabotage-Normality/release/10223313 This is for promotional use only. I don't have any rights for the music and I don't pursue any profit from this video and from this channel.I'll remove it immediately if the copyright holder request it. Buy the artist's cd's and support them at their live performances.
  • Last Days Of S...
    Album : Sabotage Normality [2017] Buy here : https://handsoff...

Track Listing

01 Noise against the Nation
02 Sabotage Normality
03 Bash the Fash
04 Selfcreated Prison
05 Abolish State Authorities
06 Fight back
07 Riots give Rights
08 Priviledge Check
09 Personal is political
10 Smash Social Darwinism
11 Support Solidarity
12 Tanz Debil
13 White Dove (Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor Remix)
14 Biometric Habach (Mono No Aware Remix)
15 Machines (Unhuman Remix)
16 Kokalo (Thorivos Remix)
17 Timeless (hyDrone Remix)

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