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  • Lacrimas Profundere. Hope is Here. CD.

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Lacrimas Profundere. Hope is Here. CD.

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With their singular mix of melancholy and Gothic paired with rock and metal influences from each of the band members, they set a milestone in harder Goth rock since 2004, toured 29 countries (from Europe to Japan, Russia to China...) and sold more than 100,000 records. For the new album the band allowed themselves 3 years, and the final result reflects this! Indeed: with Hope is here the guys drag you out of your comfortable world, deep into a forest – to a boy named Aramis drifting through the dark trees, alone, forsaken, outcast, because he’s not like other people. That’s a summary of the concept – but there’s plenty more to come...

Track Listing

01 The Worship of counting down
02 My halo Ground
03 Hope is here
04 Aramis
05 A million Miles
06 No Man's Land
07 Pageant
08 You, My North
09 Awake
10 The Path of broken Homes
11 Timbre
12 Black Moon