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  • Kreidler. European Song. CD.
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Kreidler. European Song. CD.


Product Description

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Originally intended to be an entirely different album, KREIDLER had already completed a new Album just prior to recording European Song. Then came the brutal shock of the US election and Suddenly KREIDLER’S previously intended new album felt wrong for this universe. The decision was made to make a NEW new record. Right away.

Listening to KREIDLER’S European Song, the validity of the approach is apparent from the very first bars. There is an immediacy to these songs, an alertness, and a readiness for action. The album title refers to the history of a continent that has previously surpassed all others in self-destruction. The apocalyptic mood of all five pieces on this album is not meant as a warning – this is an alarm. This is music for empathy in dangerous times. This is music for resistance to fascism. This is music for fighting – not with fists or with weapons, nor with lies and oppression – but with ideas and imagination, with love and determination. For Today. And for a better tomorrow.

Product Videos

KREIDLER -- KANNIBAL (official video) (03:40)
KREIDLER -- KANNIBAL (official video) music: KREIDLER from »EUROPEAN SONG« (bureau b) April 2017 visual: Jörg Langkau http://www.ikreidler.de/ http://bureau-b.com/ http://kreidler.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/kreidlereurope © 2017 Jörg Langkau and KREIDLER / bureau b
  • KREIDLER -- KA...
    KREIDLER -- KANNIBAL (official video) music: KREIDLER from »E...

Track Listing

01 Boots
02 Kannibal
03 Coulées
04 Radio Island
05 No God