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Kobold. The Taste Of Copper.

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American artist Kobold was announced earlier in 2006 as a new addition to Artoffact's family. Ten months later, after much tweaking and attention to detail, Kobold's debut CD, The Taste Of Copper, is ready for release.


"It's safe to say the attention span is intact..."

Intensity. Emotional twisting and political deceit. Relationships bubbling, churning, wanting...and the nation state teetering. The art of Kobold speaks so strongly on its own, it is truly difficult to describe. The music is downright dark; the content is haunting, spine-tingling, exactly what industrial music and gothic culture purport themselves to be. Kobold's vision is balanced by a sense of seriousness--and a sense of ironic immediacy--which is overpowering. A wise artist once proclaimed "no name, no slogan" meaning (I think) that summary and flag-waving might be related to skipping the whole knowledge thing. But I digress: musically, Kobold is a modern and controlled glitch mixed with old-school industrial vocals and samples. The Taste Of Copper is a truly wonderful work of modern art.

The album will be released on November 7th, 2006 and features two bonus remixes from Kobold collaborator Biaxial Creep.

Track Listing

01. The Other Side (Of A Broken Mirror)
02. Puzzlebox
03. Intrinsic
04. Extrinsic
05. Rubicon
06. Blowback
07. Human Cages
08. Failure
09. The Taste Of Copper
10. Murmur
11. The Other Side (Biaxial Creep Mix)
12. Human Cages (Biaxial Creep Mix)