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  • Klangstabil. Shadowboy. CD.

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Klangstabil. Shadowboy. CD.

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Product Description

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the production of klangstabil's current release took 4 years to realize, and like its predecessors 'shadowboy' constitutes an intimate personal statement. the artificial character 'shadowboy' was conceived by boris may as a result of hyper-sensitive environmental stress which he could only find ease from in a deserted forestal ambiance. shadowboys are beings who often stand alone with their thoughts and emotions. although they have some social intelligence, it is difficult for them to get on with an environment which irritates them, like a city. if the environment does not agree with their well-being, their reaction is over-sensitive. hardly ever perceived by other people, they move along social borders or avoid the public in general. they cannot adjust to rules and laws which make no sense for them. actually, everybody could be a shadowboy. or a shadowboy could be hidden in everybody. a kind of backup, a being in the person, a figure that reminds, alarms, awakes and causes double-vision thinking. the boy in oneself.

Product Videos

Klangstabil. Shadowboy - The awakening (official video) (06:45)
klangstabil. shadowboy - the awakening. digital single. ant-zen dig023 / mhz-dig012 free release incl. video and digital booklet. download here: http://www.a...
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    klangstabil. shadowboy - the awakening. digital single. ant-ze...

Track Listing

01 shadowboy - the awakening
02 pay with friendship
03 cinecittà
04 1 of 100
05 schattentanz
06 arbeitstitel
07 the bottom of your list
08 end of us