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  • Kirlian Camera. Eclipse. Vinyl.

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Kirlian Camera. Eclipse. Vinyl.

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After 26 years the best-seller album Eclipse is again available on vinyl with the original tracklist and artwork (with the standard Norton North gatefold cover - 180 grams). This record is one of the most representative albums of the 80's, with his icy and pop style at the same time, (the title-track Eclipse is a real classic for each underground club worldwide). Produced by John Fryer (4AD). 

Product Videos

Kirlian Camera - Eclipse [Original 1988 Version][HQ] (06:51)
ECLIPSE Watching those flowers burning out tonight Screams and soft lovers, memories of a fight. Slowly the clouds are fading into a cage, While from my hands is falling another page... Dreams and lost days are burning in the past, Velvet black rays are drifting now so fast, And in the great light I cannot see no more Where is the right side, where is the golden door. Mornings and colors are playing out of here, Because I don't remember the memories of fear, The aura of the moondawn is loosing her contours, Sweet angels of heaven are missing their return. Echoes of whispers so similar to paint, Distant, so distant, like diamonds in the rain, And if for a moment there lights are on your lips, I know, there's no answer, but a wonderful eclipse. http://www.kirliancamera.com
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    ECLIPSE Watching those flowers burning out tonight Screams an...

Track Listing

Intro: Lux
River Of No Return
The Christ
Tor Zwei