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Kash. Feuermord. CD.

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Product Description

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KASH polarises! KASH provokes! KASH disrespects! KASH causes outrage! That's the way it is! His unconventional electronic mix and impulsive beats are the perfect sonic foundation to support his authentic and shockingly honest lyrics. Transported by catchy chorus lines KASH's songs will chill you to the bones and take you on a ride into the darkest recesses of the human mind. KASH fights with an audio-aggression comparable to a baseball bat for his vision of a world free of hypocrisy, blimpish establishment and religious delusion, self-confident and based on the slogan ''love me or hate me!''. Whoever thinks KASH is a fake will now know better: KASH is genuine, he is living his dream and he has got something to say without being afraid of making fun of himself. KASH's style is extraordinary and was shaped by his real life between the red-light milieu and rule of force. After the debut album '' HERZFLUT'' (2006) as well as the collaboration with Nik Page (XXL-EP Kommunion - 2007) it is time to fix the world with the "KASH-drug". FEUERMORD is a conceptional album which removes the mask of society's double standard and of hypocritical servants of god. One-thousand years of christian dictatorship serve as a metaphor for the perfidious power games of everyday life, to the point of daily psychological warfare in our bedrooms. With the producer Danny Baldauf and the musical star Victoria Valo, KASH has found a brilliant melodic contrast which perfectly matches his rough shouts. KASH has finally arrived, exactly where he belongs! Released on Wannsee and available October 30th, 2009. <

Track Listing

01 glaubst du wirklich (4:12)
02 falscher glaube (4:38)
03 ich sah gott (5:15)
04 auferstehung (instrumental) (1:50)
05 kommunion / albumversion (4:06)
06 bei nacht 2009 (4:36)
07 feuermord (5:29)
08 gefallener engel (instrumental) (5:31)
09 kill dich (3:43)
10 im namen (3:58)
11 schlagt ihm die nägel ein (4:11)
12 schlafes bruder (instrumental) (1:55)
13 lass den stahl hinein (3:38)
14 gott schützt dich (3:44)