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  • Karl Bartos. I'm the Message. Vinyl.
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Karl Bartos. I'm the Message. Vinyl.


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A clash of titans then: two figures whose workloads are littered with gold-dust in ex- Kraftwerk, ‘second from the left’ fellow, Karl Bartos, and the inimitable Matthew Herbert. It’s been 13 years since Karl’s debut solo album Communication saw the light of day. Remember those days of Windows XP and dial-up modem connections? “Communication is about the way images determine our view of the world and how electronic media is going to change the content of our society,” he’d said at the time. Now Bartos is pumping new life into the album complete with a pristine re-mastering, a first offering on .mp3 and including the previously left-out track Camera Obscura. The stuff that digital dreams are made of. Matthew Herbert turns the screw on his makeover of I’m The Message. A kooky remodelling that’s as equally reminiscent of slow data transfers and Napster as it is firmly forward-facing and inventive.

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Karl Bartos - Im The Message (03:39)
Karl Bartos, lo muestran como un fiel exponente de la tradición teutona por el uso de las máquinas, donde las percusiones, los puentes entre los estribillos y los teclados, que sobrevuelan como olas, hacen inevitables las comparaciones con su antigua banda, claro que con la mejor parte de su historia, que ya quedó lejos y en el tiempo.
  • Karl Bartos - ...
    Karl Bartos, lo muestran como un fiel exponente de la tradició...

Track Listing

A1 I´m the Message (Matthew Herbert`s Doctor Rockit Mix)
B1 I´m the Message (Albumversion, remastered 2016)