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  • Juriaan Andriessen. The Awakening Dream. CD.

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Juriaan Andriessen. The Awakening Dream. CD.

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Jurriaan Andriessen (1925–1996) was a Dutch composer. Although he was actually at home in classical music, he recorded three synthesizer albums in the late 1970s, the first of which, "The Awakening Dream" (1977), is an outstanding excursion into experimental ambient and minimal music. Andriessen himself, 52 years of age at the time, called it "a trance symphony". The music is less in the tradition of his peers such as Boulez or Stockhausen and more in tune with the electronic sounds of the likes of Cluster, early Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, in places echoing Conrad Schnitzler.

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Jurriaan Andriessen - Ode on Solitude (03:23)
The Awakening Dream - 1977
  • Jurriaan Andri...
    The Awakening Dream - 1977

Track Listing

01 She walks in Beauty
02 Overtones
03 Beyond the Veil
04 Roundelay
05 Ode on Solitude
06 Elegy
07 The Castle of Indolescence
08 She’s far from the Land
09 The Child Musician
10 Love’s Prisoner
11 The Lake Drought
12 Forsaken Garden