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  • Jesus on Extasy. The Clock.
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Jesus On Extasy. The Clock. CD.

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Hardly a year has passed since the highly acclaimed last record No Gods was released and rocked clubs all over the world. Yet, Jesus On Extasy are already back with a whole bunch of new songs, a new line-up and new energy and they are at the ready to turn back time and set everything back to zero. Reboot is close at hand - reincarnation is done: Jesus On Extasy 2.0 - JoE Reloaded! The new album is called The Clock and features songs about time and its consequences, how things change and how they stay the same. Inertia, warp speed, tick-tocking rocking industrial metal!

Track Listing

1. Freak Me Out
2. Lost In Time
3. Forever Now
4. Snow Of Syberia
5. The Clock
6. Vendetta
7. Heartless
8. Nothing To Cry For
9. Pulse
10. Living A Lie
11. Ordinary World
12. Nothing To Cry For (Hotel Room Recording Session)
13. Heartless (Ambient Mix)
14. The Mirror (Exclusive Bonus Track)