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  • Javelin / Lowy. Broken Surface. CD.

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Javelin / Lowy. Broken Surface. CD.

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Bridgehead into unknown territory: The concept album by Ion Javelin (ex Moskwa TV) and Harald Löwy (Chandeen), is setting standards! With this full-length cd, musically as well as lyrically, Ion Javelin and Harald Löwy present one of the most ambitious and spectacular, certainly though the most innovative album of the past years in the area of the so-called popular music. "Yet another brilliant project from Harald Löwy, mastermind behind Chandeen, quite possibly the only contender’s to La Floa Maldita’s dream-pop throne. This CD also features the ex-singer of Moskwa TV (I dunno who that it though so your guess is as good as mine), painting out an image of a man from Europe and his maiden trip through the super city we call New York City. The CD mixes very gentle piano, trip hop, and a quiet, rainy day sense of pop, with a very Kerouac style of lyric writing and observation. This is the best CD for walking through the city streets on a rainy day, the kind of music I picture in a city film at parts where the characters realize the pivotal point of the film………or “Great Expectations” (more the modern film than the Dicken’s novel itself). Gentle, never the least bit overpowering, and with that controlled, melancholy atmosphere that seemingly only Harald can bring to the table. And with Javelin’s tongue in cheek lyrics and charismatic singing, it all brings a very unique atmosphere, painting at last a portrait of the city that never sleeps if one takes 9-11 out of the picture and looks at it from it’s whole view. And even a couple of gorgeous dance tracks in the end for the clubbers out there, but done with the same exact emotion that is Harald’s stamp of approval, bringing to mind Cleen’s “Second Path” (we can only hope that he’ll join forces with Daniel Myer one day!). Rating:10. Also recommended are Chandeen, of course, and Massive Attack, whose work is a bit similar to this. Not to mention brilliant." - KlingKlangBedlam

Track Listing

PART I - Arrival
The Parade
The Broken Surface
A Zone Of Silence
Macrocosmic Termite-Town
PART II - The Japanese
PART II - A More Sober View
a) Air-Conditioning System
b) Lantern Shadow Split White Urban Naitive Apart
PART VI - Animals & Districs
a) Emptiness, Cooling Down
b) Last Instructions
PART V - Nearness Of Harbour
PART IV - Pulsing Adrenaline
The Sound Of Leaving Foot-Steps
Falling Back 'N' Forth (Löwys LP Version) - Additional Track
Generator X.0.7/8 (Javelins LP Version) - Additional Track