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  • Ivories. Light Years. CD.
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Ivories. Light Years. CD.


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IVORIES is an important, new ‘reunion’ band, composed by members of ‘Jeunesse d'Ivoire,’ a Legendary Italian wave band active in the early and mid-Eighties. A project stretched in time, from the post-punk of the early eighties to the post-everything of today. From a band that lived and played the modern soundtrack of that crucial period. Now, with a renewed line-up, new life is flowing. A new start.

In this first work Ivories stay true to the spirit of the original post-punk, not only to the pure aesthetics of the genre: Living the present with an eye on the future. It was back in the early ‘80s that Patrizia Tranchina (vocals) and Danilo Carnevale (guitar) concurred as protagonists with Jeunesse d’Ivoire to spread those new stylistic features in Italy, shaping them according to their personal twist.

In "Light Years" lies the essence of the original new-wave they experienced during their adolescence that casts its long shadow over the present. A rare example in which the authors accept the challenge of interpreting their time thanks to the wealth of the musical heritage acquired over the years. A journey to the end of the night in search of dim flashes of light, promises, illusions and utopias. Ten songs that radiate their own allure going beyond musical styles or stereotypes. The leitmotif that leads the way in the sound magma of chaos, disorder and quiet revolt, is as  much a subtle sense of melancholy and the suggestion of an elsewhere, as the unbearable feeling that in reality there is nothing but emptiness. To balance the feeling of irrelevance, the diaphanous, sinuous and gritty voice of Patrizia Tranchina is wrapped in ever changing guitar landscapes sweeping from crystalline, lysergic, wiry or sinister atmospheres that follow, or defy the powerful gait of the rhythm section. In an age when the evolution of today's music is no longer linear but fragmented into a thousand streams that exist simultaneously Ivories represent an ideal bridge between past and present, looking to an indecipherable future - that intertwine fiercely and sometimes collide.

Track Listing

01 Dresden
02 Swanblack
03 From Voides
04 Shiver into Existence
05 A Million Things are hung to the Sky
06 To a Sparkle
07 Clock backwards
08 As a Siren
09 Microshocks
10 Novemberine