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It's Our Birthday, Stop By & Say Hi


Earlier this week Storming the Base celebrated 10 years of business operations. The name of the business and in fact the business itself are a bit older, but the current Storming the Base, the mailorder, Canadian distributor, and operator of record label Artoffact, turned 10 on September 1st.

It was a quiet anniversary, not much happened in fact, and truth be told, I think both Storming the Base owners didn't even remember about it until September 3rd. Such is the fast, crazy world of selling music: you're so busy doing fortyfive different things that sometimes you forget just how long you've been doing this.


And at some point, you look up and it's way past hobby, way past even a short-lived adventure... it's, well, it's your life.

September is a great month, particularly in retail. Summer sales suck, and most retailers, us included, cannot wait to get out of the summer blahs, and rev up for what are without question the best 15 or so weeks of business in the year. And this September, as we look toward a second decade of business, is even greater.

Ten years ago, things were very different. Our stock fit on a few shelves in an apartment. Our website was a .txt file. No one had heard of Spotify, or Facebook, and (incredibly) Artoffact had just put out its 19th release.


We are very much looking forward to the next decade, but first let's do the next 15 weeks in style. We have absolutely amazing albums coming soon from the likes of The Exploding Boy, Architect, AAIMON, Dead When I Found Her, Ohm, and Rational Youth. There will also be a killer Legend release, and we hope to lower our US shipping rates before Halloween. We might also pop up on Bandcamp (stay tuned), and we're already getting into heated debates over our year end sale and our year end best-of list.

And heck even if you never shop at Storming the Base, 15 weeks means 15 more rants. Who saw that as a thing in 2003?