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Is It In Stock?


We do our best to keep the inventory on our site correct, but it is possible that some of the products on our website may not be in stock.

Generally, if a title does not have a currenty inventory count, it either means we have plenty of them or we are able to get them very quickly.

But sometimes our inventory may be off for a variety of reasons, so if the item you ordered will not be back in stock, or if we don't know when it will be back in stock, you will have the choice of getting a refund or getting store credit. Either way, the process will be as simple and as easy for you as possible. Always please feel free to email us and ask about your orders. We will be happy to help!

If you want to know ahead of time whether we have an item in stock, please use the contact page to contact us.

If the ADD button is not available on an item's detail page, this means it is not available and likely never will be.



All orders, including pre-orders, are paid for at the time of placing the order. Because these are often limited items, or special imports, they are treated as reservations and we unfortunately can't risk importing all these items without them being paid for first. They are then imported and shipped as quickly as we can!

If an item is available for pre-order, a message indicating so will be displayed on the product's detail page, along with the date it is expected to be in stock. Please note that these dates are estimates only.
If you have ordered multiple items in the same order as a pre-order title, and the shipping cost paid will not cover multiple shipments, we will sometimes wait until the pre-ordered titles comes in stock before shipping all the items. This is especially true for vinyl, because of the heavy weight and bulk, so shipping one at a time is not possible with one shipping charge.

For customers in the USA, the shipping costs are much cheaper, so it may be possible to send mutliple shipments of items as they arrive.  We do this on a case by case and cost by cost basis, and ship where we can.

For international customers, it is more difficult, and so we will wait until everything is in stock.

If you wish to not have all of your items wait for the pre-ordered item(s) to come in later, please contact us and we will make arrangements for multiple packages and possible additional shipping charges.

Please read the below for more information.


Our commitment to you is to keep you informed about the status of your order as much as possible. 90% of our orders are processed and sent within one week, often within 24 hours. But if you're the kind of person who likes really obscure music, you might want to read this:

We like music. No, we love music, especially obscure, interesting, do-it-yourself music. Over the years, we find consistently that small, independent labels are the heartbeat of the scene. Have you had the chance to check out Cyclic Law for example? Or the wonderful releases that Dependent puts out? You really should. We also run our own independent label called Artoffact Records. Independent labels are often a labour of love run by one or two people as a hobby and not as a main source of employment. They sometimes only put out one release per year, and often these releases can be somewhat difficult to source. We do our best, of course.

As much as we love them, these labels have a strange tendency to disappear or be spotty with their replies. Maybe the owner is on vacation, maybe he or she is busy at work. Or maybe they just got really drunk last night at the Combichrist gig, who knows? The bottom line is that sometimes, just sometimes, working with obscure labels means that you, the customer, has to wait on products that arrive late at our warehouse, or don't arrive at all. So it's a trade off in a way: you get the coolest product from Storming the Base, but your order can take some time.