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  • Information Society. _hello world. 6x Cassette.
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Information Society. _hello world. 6x Cassette.

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Product Description

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This cassette 6-pack includes six copies of the Information Society _hello world cassette, one in each of the amazing six shell colours!

(You can buy individual casssettes here.)

Limited edition InSoc _hello world cassette, exclusive to the Storming the Base store! This edition is limited 150 copies and comes in 6 different, wonderful shell colours:

  1. Greeny-grey
  2. Bubblegum blue
  3. (S)Lime green
  4. Pink Bricks! *
  5. Caution! Yellow
  6. Off White **

*Check the detail on the pink bricks! Best shell ever!
** Note: we ordered a two-tone white (as pictured) but received a solid, off white.

Includes an MP3 download code and delicious pad-printing on the cassette shell.

The first album of new material from the classic lineup of Information Society (Kurt, Paul and James) in over 20 years. After playing some festival dates in Summer, 2013 the band began to discuss working on a new album and the result, _hello world is the offspring. _hello world is rife with songs that have one foot firmly planted in their past and one foot confidently resting in the present; it is filled with classic INSOC dance floor fodder like "Get Back", soaring epics like "Jonestown", and cinematic textures like "Creatures of Light and Darkness". Embracing the many faces of synthetic music while remaining organically Information Society, _hello world isn't as much a rebirth of INSOC as it is a nuclear-powered version that ups the ante. The first single, "Land of the Blind," is a swirling, propulsive track that hearkens back to their signature sound yet infuses it with state of the art production values. Longtime InSoc hero Gerald V. Casale (Devo) adds his vocals in a duet with Kurt on their cover of "Beautiful World" which adds a modern splash to the Devo classic.

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Information Society - Land Of The Blind (Lyric Video) ()
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Track Listing

A1. Land Of The Blind
A2. The Prize
A3. Where Were You
A4. Get Back
A5. Jonestown

B1. Dancing With Strangers
B2. Beautiful World (Featuring Gerald V. Casale)
B3. Creatures Of Light And Darkness
B4. Above And Below
B5. Let It Burn
B6. Tomorrow The World