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  • Individual Totem. Mumia Vera + Collectotem.
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Individual Totem. Mumia Vera + Collectotem.

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A long time ago, Individual Totem emerged as one of Germany’s most innovative industrial bands. But even their most hardcore fans are not aware of the first real Totem release: a cassette-only album called Mumia Vera. Now hopelessly out of print and all but forgotten, Mumia Vera represents the early stages of Individual Totem, a unique sound that is years ahead of its time, and the seeds of what would become one of the top industrial bands of the 90s. This Fall, Artoffact Records will re-issue a new version of Mumia Vera, completely remastered and re-tweaked from the original cassettes, and incorporating the original artwork. What is more, Mumia Vera will be released as a limited edition double CD, including the entire Flow EP (including the Fortress A remix, one of the best tracks ever recorded, period). The release will also feature previously unreleased live material, and the limited edition will come with two new Individual Totem pins. Released September 29th, 2009, exclusively from Artoffact Records.

Track Listing

Disc 1: Mumia Vera
1. Psychologic Medicine
2. Dont You Trust Me
3. M.V.
4. It Bites
5. Encaused Will
6. Electrocute
7. Transmission
8. Eating Me Alive
9. Shes So Real
10. Inside My Heart
11. Amerika
12. The Shuttle
13. Tomorrow
14. Clinton Is President

Disc 2: Collectotem: Rarities And Remixes
1. Starting Rotation
2. Flow (Fortress A)
3. Paradoxon (Grade 2)
4. Lost Station
5. Flow (Turf Olymp Remix)
6. Vince (Live In Cleveland)
7. Paradoxon (Live In Cleveland)
8. Flow (Field Training Exercise)