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  • Implant. Oxynoxe-X. CD.

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Implant. Oxynoxe-X. 2CD Digipak.

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Four years after “The Productive Citizen”, IMPLANT is back with their new full length release. This album is the output of a tedious “write-delete-rewrite” process. The band set the bar very high and we hear it! Although these new tracks got stripped to the bone, they still feature an impressive richness of sound layers and musicality with danceable beats, parasitic sounds, melodies which settle in your ears like worms and the harsh vocals of Len Lemeire who once again spits his bile on our modern high-tech society in his quest for some balance and oxygen herein. “Oxynoxe-X” is not only IMPLANT’s 10th album, but it’s also a wink to one of the pioneers of electronica dance.

The album also comes out as a limited edition with a bonus disc full of exclusive new material that can be considered as an integral part of a double-CD release. These bonus tracks were mostly inspired by modular synthesizers - which are very new in IMPLANT’s studio arsenal – and their unique and almost abstract way of creating. If the machines were still “on the leash” on the main album songs, they here got the freedom taking the lead… And the result is a strong highly visual dark sonic trip making allusions to pioneers of experimental electronics. Ideal listening position to this bonus disc is definitely horizontal.

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Implant - The phone call (04:44)
Four years after “The Productive Citizen”, IMPLANT is soon to be back with their new full length release “Oxynoxe-X”. Meanwhile here comes a first sonic glimpse on the new album with this EP single “The Phone Call”, a medium tempo dance track we can describe as a mix of classic EBM with fresh electro à la Dewaele Bros. A track integrally composed on a Doepfer A100 modular synthesizer to which frontman Len Lemeire gives body through some easy vocal hooks stigmatising the struggle and downside of our social-media-dominated hi-tech society. “The Phone Call” EP features some 6 additional remixes by Radical G, Noseda, True Zebra, Llumen, Jean-Luc Lederman and Implant themselves. True music quizz lovers will rapidly notice that all these remixes share that special “made in Belgium” common point, letting this release bring its own contribution to the already rich “Sound of Belgium” history… As bonus-track, the EP also features the exclusive cut “El Pastor”, the opening live track of Implant’s recent live shows which appears here for the first time in studio version... Did you have your Implant today? credits released August 25, 2017 https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/the-phone-call-ep full lengt album : Oxynoxy-X release date november 3, 2017 https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/oxynoxe-x-deluxe-edition
  • Implant - The...
    Four years after “The Productive Citizen”, IMPLANT is soon to ...

Track Listing

01 Mediocrity 02 Oxynoxe 03 I'm not your Enemy 04 The Phone Call 05 Images 06 The Decay 07 The End 08 Coup de Foudre 09 The Taking 10 Le Pouvoir

01 Amuse-Gueule 02 Jaywalking 03 Private Sine 04 I sometimes dream of Imaginary Parties to meet new People 05 Kani 06 Patent Nr. US6506148B2 07 If you torture Data long enough it will confess 08 The Lyre Bird 09 The Window to My Brain Drain 10 Tailwind