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I Left My Underwear in Jena


True story: sometime in the mid-90s (if you're curious it was the week haujobb released Matrix), I found myself slumming it in Germany when I caught wind of a show in Jena, a few hundred miles from where I happened to be (but no matter the trains were fast and I was young). The show was: haujobb + Synapscape + Beefcake.

Back in those pre-internet days, I had never heard of Synapscape nor Beefcake, but I had heard Solutions for a Small Planet, and to say I was a fan of the group wouldn't even begin to climb out of the valley of understatement. So I did what any Canadian teenager in Germany would do, I booked myself a one-way ticket to Jena, forgetting, while I climbed aboard, (I was after all staying the night) to bring a change of clean underwear.


Beefcake and Synapscape were impressive to say the least. Beefcake even pre-empted Fischerspooner's outrageous commentary on live performance by a decade by having a member of the band lie mid-stage on a couch for the duration of the gig. But when Daniel Myer and crew got up there, and when they for 60 minutes played what must have been the majority of Solutions------You know, in the 90s, I probably saw 500 concerts, and so pooh on you if you think this is a bit of god awful nostalgia because this was the one concert that made it, so many years later, to the Rant-----in short, it was outstanding.

I had a long train ride back home and after dancing in that club all night I was mighty sweaty and needed a change of clothes. I had a new t-shirt (realtime communication) but nothing else. And so I found the backstage shower, got myself clean, and left my underwear in Jena.

I asked the crew in haujobb many years later if they remembered meeting a Canadian at that Jena gig, but of course they hadn't.

The loss of underwear I could take but not being remembered is harsh. So I did what any self-respecting Canadian 30-something would do: I said to them, I sez LET'S DROP VINYL INSTEAD.