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  • Hypnoskull. Immer Wieder Nein. CD.
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Hypnoskull. Immer Wieder Nein. CD.


Product Description

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Sonic explorations into the rich tapestry of electronic music aside, resistance and challenge have always been Hypnoskull's primary statements of purpose, and examining these themes in attendant texts and song lyrics has been, and always will be of the utmost importance to Patrick Stevens. This work, 'Immer Wieder Nein', his ninth album on ant-zen, is no exception! Presenting a highly explosive assemblage of aurally conveyed anger and thought-provoking impulses, a barrage of fierce and violent loops originating from harsh electronics and rhythmic noise backed up with distorted techno beats, this release moves the listener into a state of hypnosis, making them receptive to the lyrics of the closing three tracks. Well-known german poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht inspired hypnoskull to make radical re-interpretations of his works 'Gegen Verführung' (against seducement), 'Benares Song' and 'Seeräuber Jenny' - lyrics about devastation, seeking bloody revenge, and opposition which haven't lost their relevance in the last hundred years. It is important to say 'no' time after time, again and again - join the chant: immer wieder nein!

Track Listing

01 Die 23 Augen des Dr.(hyp)no
02 Immer wieder nein
03 Black dB
04 Die Angst (findet nicht mehr statt)
05 Phantomschmerz
06 Soho (die Nacht findet nicht mehr statt)
07 Who (with Dirty Gutter)
08 Krank vor Wut
09 Alles Schwarz
10 Kleine dunkle Vorahnung
11 Niedergang
12 Gegen Verführung
13 Benares Song
14 Seeräuber Jenny (with Nona Gogol Gonzales)

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