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  • Human Herd / Schizoid. Split 7".

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Human Herd / Schizoid. Split. 7" Vinyl.

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Satanic industrial electronic act HUMAN HERD starts off the A side with a dark hypnotic track of stomping entrancing gristle; deadened vocals, depraved guitars, drowning echoes of noisy feedback. SCHIZOID brings home the B side with the title track to the upcoming LP "The Next Extreme". Desolate, blackened digital hardcore metal blastbeats, with seething shrieks to gnash teeth amidst these end times.

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SCHIZOID - The Next Extreme [Official] (03:55)
The first single and title track from the upcoming SCHIZOID album. Powerviolent blackened digital hardcore industrial punk at its most lethal. THE SCHIZOID: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming, Noise, Backup Vocals. BABYLON DISCO: Guest vocals.SCHIZOID official website: www.schizoid.caShot / Produced / Directed / Editing / Post-Production by Pete OHearn @ dropFRAMEvideo.comSong mixed by John Pooley. Mastered by Chxst Famine. Live shots taped March 25 2011 at the 460 Club on 460 Spadina Ave, Toronto (thanks guys.)If you want to be on the official SCHIZOID "The Next Extreme" remix disc, get the sample stems here. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qppvbg20isz68u8. Email if you happen to do a remix. End of August 2011 is the deadline for remixes.LYRICS:----------01 THE NEXT EXTREMETAKE ME TO THE NEXT EXTREMEI'VE BEEN WAITING HERE SO LONGWE'VE GROWN SO ACCUSTOMED...SO EASY TO PLEASE - PLEASE?! TELL ME! WHERE YOU WERE GOING?TELL ME! WHAT THE HELL I'M DOING?AND WHAT WE'RE GOING THROUGH HERE?! NOW THAT DUST HAS SETTLEDNOW THAT BACKS ARE TURNEDNOW THAT VOICES DIE DOWN...NOSES ARE RAISED!THE SPIRIT'S SOUREDTHE SPARK REWRITTENCREDOS LONG FORGOTTENTHEY'VE CALLED IT A DAY TELL ME! DON'T YOU REMEMBER?TELL ME! WHERE YOU WERE HEADED?NOW YOU RUN IN CIRCLES TELL ME! WHAT WILL IT TAKE!IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!AND WONDER WHAT'S BEYONDTO PUT THINGS BACK ON TRACKRAISE AGAIN THOSE VOICESCLENCH TEETH AND PUSH FORWARD THE FAKERS COULDN'T HACK IT...THE TRUEST ONES LEFT STANDING...THE SELLOUTS WON'T SUFFICE!...THE NEXT EXTREME SO TEMPTING!!! FULL CIRCLE AND BEYONDNO MORE LIMITATIONSON TO NEW EXTREMESWITH NO HESITATIONBECAUSE EVERYTHING'S SO STERILEAND EVERYONE IS GONEAND I'M WAITING FOR THE NEXT EXTREMEAND NOTHING COMES EVEN FUCKING CLOSE
  • SCHIZOID - The...
    The first single and title track from the upcoming SCHIZOID al...