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  • Human Decay. Credit to Humanity. CD.
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Human Decay. Credit to Humanity. CD.

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Product Description

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Human Decay’s sound features a special mixture of various electronic, electric and body-music elements. thus it’s not limited on some simple e.b.m. clichés. techno elements are also an inherent part of our music as well as industrial-noise timbres. the output is the distillate of a electronic-music experience since 1996 so midtempo-tracks alternate with dance floor hits, intelligent tricky sounds rotating around straight’n’stomping beats. rhythmic skill and the variety of sound ideas combined with experimental beat constellations synthesizes into an elaborate body which is juxtaposed / contradicted / mixed up / completed with pretentious lyrics. fresh and invigorating „uncatchy” files are the outcome of the HD-framework so in this connection, the band does not really insist on momentary important ingredients of electronic music but is one of the worlds few music projects with the same incredibly crazy name from the very start ‘til the very present. enjoy and think!

Track Listing

01. Mad Wights
02. Decayed Thoughts
03. Dolls
04. Endless
05. Silent Submission
06. Alienate
07. Black Sheep
08. Handshake
09. C.F.D.T.
10. Follow Me
11. Material
12. Vainly
13. Passing By
14. Remember