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  • Hubert Kah. so80s Presents Hubert Kah.

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Hubert Kah. so80s Presents Hubert Kah. 2CD.

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There are only a few German bands who were as successful as Hubert Kah in the 80s. With their perfect definition of the "Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW)" they landed some major hits and wrote some (German) musical history. Until this day the album "Goldene Zeiten" is considered one of the best German language recordings of the 80s. It was re-recorded in English and brought them to big fame in Japan and the USA as well. As a result the next album was recorded in English right away and featured the international hit singles "Limousine" and "Military Drums" together with new producer Michael Cretu (later "Enigma") and Armand Volker.

Blank & Jones are longtime fans and have now searched the archives with all 3 original band members. As a result here are all the original 12" mixes of the 80s. All versions appear on CD for the first time and are carefully remastered from the original master tapes. Beside the extended versions here is also the very rare "Japan EP" included as well as the Francois Kevorkian Remix of the song "The Picture". The 16 side booklet also includes all original single artwork plus many unseen photos.

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Hubert Kah - Limousine (03:36)
Hubert Kah's Limousine
  • Hubert Kah - L...
    Hubert Kah's Limousine

Track Listing

01 Rosemarie (maxi version)
02 Sternenhimmel (maxi version)
03 Einmal nur mit Erika (maxi version)
04 Engel 07 (extended)
05 Wenn der Mond die Sonne berührt (extendeded/ reconstructed by Blank & Jones)
06 Goldene Zeiten (extended)
07 Solo Tu (extended//reconstructed by Blank & Jones)
08 Limousine (extended)
09 Something I should know (extended remix)
10 Military Drums (extended)
11 Welcome, Machine Gun (extended)
12 So many People (extended)
13 It's Me, Cathy (Follow My Heart) (Club Version)

01 The Picture (Francois Kevorkian remix)
02 Limousine (American edit)
03 Angel 07 (alternative mix)
04 Solo Tu (English vers.)
05 Suzanne (English ver.)
06 Isn't it lovely (English version of "Goldene Zeiten")
07 Military Drums (Dance edit)
08 So many People (Backdoor mix)
09 The Picture (English vers. of "Wenn der Mond die Sonne berührt")
10 Angel 07 (Rock remix)
11 Welcome Machine Gun (Dub version)
12 So many People (Dub mix)
13 Something I should know (single remix)
14 Goldene Zeiten (single mix)
15 Limousine (American re-mix)
16 Midnight Sun