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  • Hocico. Forgotten Tears. MCD.

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Hocico. Forgotten Tears. CD.

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Product Description

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“Forgotten Tears“, the biggest hit from Mexican Hard-Electro-pioneers Hocico, will finally get its well-deserved single-release. The jam-packed maxi-CD comes in a hand-numbered Digipak, limited to 999 copies and contains 9 tracks: The cult-floor-filler in 2 versions and 4 remixes, plus a version of another Hocico-classic and 2 unreleased tracks.  There are few songs that have managed to influence the entire Hard-Electro-genre as much as the club-inferno of “Forgotten Tears.” There is nary an Electro-party around the globe where the track is not packing the dance floor at least once an evening. With this limited MCD, we are heeding the call of the fans, finally giving “Forgotten Tears” the type of release worthy of such a seminal song. Especially for this CD, Hocico have revamped their classic tune for a new generation of clubbers in form of the massively pumping “Re-covered Version.” Of course, the MCD also includes the original version of the song, as well as four beat-laden remixes, among them versions from charts stormers Blutengel and EBM-legend Leaether Strip. On top of that, there is a cover version of the Hocico-classic “Untold Blasphemies” from Old-School-EBM-duo Jäger 90, plus the previously unreleased instrumental “Limbotic” and the exclusive B-side-smasher “Never Be Tamed!” This treat for fans will effectively shorten the wait for the new single “Bienvenido a la Maldad”, due in autumn and the album “Ofensor!” 

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Track Listing

01 Forgotten Tears (Re-covered Version)
02 Never be tamed
03 Forgotten Tears (Original Version)
04 Forgotten Tears (Blutengel Remix)
05 Forgotten Tears (Leaether Strip Remix)
06 Limbotic (Memorias Atrás Tour Intro)
07 Untold Blasphemies (Jäger 90 Cover Version)
08 Forgotten Tears (ONT_1129 Remix)
09 Forgotten Tears (Devil Sight Remix)