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  • Henric de la Cour. Mandrills. CD.

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Henric de la Cour. Mandrills. CD.

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”I’ve always had the attitude that my music should sound more like a funeral than a birthday party.” -Henric de la Cour  The wait is finally over. After his highly praised and high selling self titled debut album released 2 years ago, Henric de la Cour (former Yvonne, Strip Music etc.) is finally back with "Mandrills". An album filled with dark, epic and atmospheric feelings. An album with brilliant production and strong melodies. And ofcourse that haunting, emotional and personal vocal performance from Henric. "Mandrills" was recorded in Barnhus Zoo in Stockholm and is produced by Rikard Lindh (Yvonne etc.) and mastered at one of Swedens most praised mastering firms: Svenska Gramofonstudion by Hans Olsson-Brookes who has an endless list of succéss behind him. Nothing has been left to chance as this album have been taking shape. It´s a must for EVERYONE that listens to dark, gloomy electronic music. Progress Productions are really proud to bring you one of the strongest releases you will experience in 2013 and for many years to come. Released on CD and as a VERY limited edition heavy picture-disc vinyl.

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Henric De La Cour | Chasing Dark (03:55)
Artist: Henric De La Cour Song: Chasing Dark Album: Mandrills Henric De La Cour: https://www.facebook.com/HenricDLC Progress Productions: http://www.progress...
  • Henric De La C...
    Artist: Henric De La Cour Song: Chasing Dark Album: Mandrills ...

Track Listing

01 Mandrill 02 Chasing Dark 03 Grenade 04 Hank Psycho 05 Shark 06 Blackie Lawless 07 Sirens, no Harbour 08 Main Vein 09 Rust on Rust 10 Call it in 11 Sound the Alarm