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  • Henric de la Cour. Henric de la Cour.

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Henric de la Cour. Henric de la Cour. CD.

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In January of 1994 Linda Skugge from Swedish newspaper Expressen watched Yvonne play in Uppsala. “All three guitarists posed like Radiohead, sort of standing bent over their guitars”, she wrote. “Especially singer Henric de la Cour, because he’s so tall. He had his mic by his stomach, and at the end of ‘Serpentine’ he tore at his guitar so hard he hit his head on the mic so it fell to the floor, he trampled all the things on stage, crashed into the others, his cord fell off so he had to hold his guitar, and it seemed like that guy is not well...”

For the last 17 years Henric de la Cour have made a lasting impression on his audience. With an explosive voice filled with pain and passion - and a gangly body likened to Nosferatu, a reptile and Jack Skellington from “A nightmare before Christmas” - he has spellbound thousands of fans. Front figures in most other rock bands seem unassuming compared to his sinister charisma.

Yvonne was, along with Broder Daniel, the foremost cult band for the black clad indie kids of the nineties. They released four critically acclaimed albums and reached a big audience when their song “Drifter” was played during the opening titles of “F--king Åmål”. After their most successful album “Hit That City” - including the hit “Bad Dream” and a magical duet between Henric de la Cour and Karin Dreijer from The Knife - the band split up.

Henric de la Cour instead started Strip Music, musically as dramatic as Yvonne, but also influenced by epic arena rock. The self titled debut album and its successor “Hollywood & Wolfman” contained riveting songs such as “24 Hrs”, “Desperation”, “Sugar & Lime” and “Headlights”. Strip Music was also launched internationally and made celebrated tours in Germany and Ukraine.

During the last two years Strip Music has been on hold while Henric de la Cour turned his attention to other projects. He featured on electronica star Andreas Tilliander’s album “Show”, lent his voice to Fireside member Per Nordmarks solo project Bad Hands, worked hard as a DJ and also excelled in the part of Jack Skellington when “A Nightmare Before Christmas” was turned into a live musical in Eskilstuna. Above all else however, he has been writing songs.

In 2011 Henric de la Cour makes his comeback as a solo artist. The sound is more electronic than before, but just as dark and epic. In the spring “Dogs” was released, a brilliant goth pop song about a complicated relationship, as a teaser on Youtube. Now comes the album, chock full of pumping electro beats, huge choruses and vampiric romance. Henric de la Cour is soon also appearing as the focus of a new documentary by Jacob Frössén (the director of the acclaimed “En film om Olle Ljungström”) which will be shown on SVT (Swedish National Television).

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Henric de la Cour, "Everything Counts" (Depeche Mode cover) (06:19)
Henric de la Cour from Yvonne and Strip Music singing Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts" at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, April 30th 2009. Emmon, Annika Mellin from Paris, Jonna Lee and Tingsek on backing vocals.
  • Henric de la C...
    Henric de la Cour from Yvonne and Strip Music singing Depeche ...

Track Listing

1. Hank Solo
2. Dracula
3. Son Of A Bitch
4. Bedtime
5. My Machine
6. 80s
7. Dogs.
8. Sally
9. Gothic
10. Lovers
11. Clinic