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  • Heimataerde. Hick Hack Hackebeil. CD.
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Heimataerde. Hick Hack Hackebeil. CD.


Product Description

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The undead templars of Heimataerde return with a catchy mix of Electro, medieval music and Neue Deutsche Härte on their new single “Hick Hack Hackebeil“ - a smashing harbinger for the epic new album “Aerdenbrand.“  The henchman grinds his axe, the delinquent readies himself for his final breath. Wrapped in a garb of bauble and taffeta, the beat dances to an intriguing nursery rhyme that feels like the nightmare of a sleepless night, while the melody “Hick Hack Hackbeil” grinds into the subconscious with pompous choirs. With a fusion of anthem and horror movie, Heimataerde yet again indulge in their unconventional and non-conformist approach to port long gone musical traditions into the here and now. Next to the hit-laden title track which is on the single in three versions, the band is providing catchy club-compatible interpretations of medieval songs with the Jewish “Tsur Mishelo” and the old pilgrim-tune “Stella Splendens.” “Hick Hack Hackebeil” is released as a hand-numbered Digipak MCD, limited to 666 copies. So, shoulder that axe for the last, great dance before the “Aerdenbrand.”

Track Listing

1. Hick Hack Hackebeil (Radio)
2. Stella Splendens
3. Hick Hack Hackebeil (Album)
4. Tsur Mishelo
5. Hick Hack Hackebeil (Club)