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  • Heimataerde. Aerdenbrand. CD.
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Heimataerde. Aerdenbrand. CD.


Product Description

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Ashlar von Megalon's band of Electro-templars are unveiling the next chapter of their epic saga. “Aerdenbrand” (= “Earthburn”) is fusing modern club sounds with medieval romanticism and Neue Deutsche Härte. Yet again, the brotherhood of undead knights Templar is facing a dark menace. A fallen angel has plunged from the sky to push the weak and the innocent over the brink. The world and the established order are threatened to be swallowed by the remorseless pit of darkness. With a skillful symbiosis of the old and the new, Ashlar von Megalon and his companions are attempting to win the battle against the ever-growing brutalization and infamousness in this world and to overcome impending doom: forward-driving electronic beats meet epic choral chants while electronic bagpipes and hard guitar riffs are relentlessly cutting their way through darkness. Fortunately, the Templars are not entirely alone in their quest, receiving vocal backup from guesting Knight Joachim Witt. Heimataerde yet again use their unique club-sound-driven approach to tell us of long gone times and battles... and parallels to today's turbulent times are purely coincidental... or are they? Or is this maybe a fairy tale that plays out every day? So, brothers, raise your swords and rage, rage against the dying of the light!

Product Videos

HEIMATAERDE - Hick Hack Hackebeil (Official Video Clip) (04:09)
From the single "Hick Hack Hackebeil", buy it here: http://www.outofline.de/albumteaser/heimataerde_hickhack.html Story, Direction, Cinematography, Editing & Postproduction: Matthias Cieschinger.
    From the single "Hick Hack Hackebeil", buy it here: http://www...

Track Listing

01 Ein Flammenmeer
02 Aerdenbrand
03 Fühl die Zeit
04 Und wenn ich sag
05 Veritas Domini
06 Die Erde verdreht sich
07 Hoch hinaus
08 Eintausend Mal
09 Folge mir
10 Hick Hack Hackebeil
11 Dein Herz
12 Freiheit