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  • Hautville. Numen Lumen. CD.

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Hautville. Numen Lumen. CD.

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Product Description

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Finally out the debut album of this new and fresh band from Lucania (South of Italy). A long journey through the traditional roots of mediterranean Folk music, supported by the gentle heavenly vocals of Simona and Francesco. Hautville is a new chapter for all lovers of Italian neo-folk music. Keep your head up with Hautville!

Product Videos

Hautville - Apparizione - neo folk video (07:36)
New video from Hautville band from Italy. "Apparizione" is released on the album "NUMEN LUMEN" from HR!SPQR. All rights reserved to Hautville and HR!SPQR. For more info please visit: www.hauruckspqr.com www.hautville.com
  • Hautville - Ap...
    New video from Hautville band from Italy. "Apparizione" is rel...
  • Hautville In l...
    Uploaded by hauruckspqr on Dec 13, 2011 New video from Hautvil...

Track Listing

01 Apparizione
02 Libera
03 Hautville
04 Memorie di Felicità
05 Otranto
06 In Lode all'Asino
07 Sapienza
08 Età del Ferro
09 Sapientza II
10 Polevere alla Polvere