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  • Haujobb. Solutions for a Small Planet. 2LP Vinyl.
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Haujobb. Solutions for a Small Planet. 2LP Vinyl.

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A game changer. From the moment the static starts on Clockwise to the shocking question that ends that opening song (Do we have to stay in this cage?), there is no doubt that we are in the presence of genius. 20 years later, it is still difficult to say something cohesive about Solutions for a Small Planet and its meditation on technology and our relationship with nature.

But that first question, asked twice, do we have to stay in this cage? really does set the tone. Solutions is really about the process of taking a journey. We start there, maybe in a cage, maybe ready to break out of this cage, but humanity is ready to take its journey, as songs such as "Journey Ahead" and "Distance" make clear. We aren't in dystopia yet, and the album does not actually feel like a dystopia. But it does feel like huge change is afoot, as it was in 1996, and as haujobb helped to bring about, both aesthetically and sonically.

So the journey continues, 20 years on....

For the 20th anniversary of haujobb's unparalleled Solutions for a Small Planet, Artoffact Records announces a double-vinyl reissue. The record will be released in a gatefold sleeve, and a 200-copy collector's edition on blue wax will also be pressed. Remastered to perfection by LeafAudio.

No bonus tracks. Just the artefact, in its sublimity.

200 copies, sub unit blue.
300 copies, perfect black.

Product Videos

haujobb - anti/matter (04:29)
Album: Solutions For A Small Planet Label: Off Beat Catalog#: O-065 Country: Germany Released: 1996
  • haujobb - anti...
    Album: Solutions For A Small Planet Label: Off Beat Catalog#: ...
  • Haujobb - Dist...

Track Listing

Side A
1. Clockwise
2. Anti/Matter
3. Rising Sun
4. Depths

Side B
5. Sub Unit One
6. Journey Ahead
7. Distance
8. Deviation

Side C
9. Nature's Interface
10. Sub Unit Two
11. Cleaned Vision
12. The Cage Complex

Side D
13. Net Culture
14. Transfer
15. Sub Unit Three