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  • Harms & Kapelle. Meilenstein. CD.

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Harms & Kapelle. Meilenstein. CD.

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Greetings from St. Pauli! Lord Of The Lost front man Chris Harms and a gang of associated musicians take us on a journey to the hanseatic „wild west”, creating a wild and catchy vision comprised of German Alternative-Rock-sounds, Folk, Country and Rockabilly.

Chris Harms, the next legendary outlaw to emerge from the Hamburg music scene, has assembled a new band project that really breathes the specific air of the city it originated from. With an illustrious gang of musicians from the “Waterkant”, most of which should ring a bell with people familiar with Chris’ main band, Lord Of The Lost, he jams through a dry and energetic genre mix that could almost make you believe that The Wild West begins right behind the harbor of Hamburg. (Considering that the city has always been unique melting pot of tradition, together with its inherent and raw charms, this comparison might not be that far from the truth, after all.) Driven by Harms’ powerful and sonorous voice, the fourteen German-language songs on the debut album of Harms & Kapelle are a wild, expressive and atmospheric romp through different genres. Melodic German Alternative-Rock-attacks meet Folk- and Rockabilly while the traditional dark and epic Country ballad receives a contemporary reinterpretation that is highly influenced by the group’s native city. For Chris Harms, working in his native language opened up a world of new possibilities of expression, resulting in a dark and philosophic prose that is often cynical and laced with black humor. Harms & Kapelle have also invited some friends to provide their sonic road movie with some extra spice: Der Schulz (Unzucht) and Comte Caspar (Coppelius) add their own blend to two songs on this amazing debut. If a certain Mr. T ever got the idea to make a film called “Hamburg Unchained”… this would be the ideal soundtrack!

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Track Listing

1. Nach Uns Die Sinn Flut
2. Wenn Sich Monster Lieben
3. Bis Zum Letzten Mann
4. Rosenbluth
5. Es Ist Ein Meister Vom Himmel Gefallen
6. Ohne Grund
7. Mittelpunkt Der Welt
8. Mein Leib with Der Schulz / UNZUCHT)
9. Katharsis
10. In Der Nacht
11. Nur Ein Mal
12. Im Krieg Und Der Liebe
13. Von Der Liebe Bis Zur Bahre
14. Das Narrenschiff (with Le Comte Caspar / COPPELIUS)