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Hanzel Und Gretyl. Oktotenfest 2006. CD.

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Product Description

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Attention Deathdealers! Hanzel Und Gretyl have returned to rattle your cages with their newest single Oktotenfest 2006. As a preview for their upcoming album in 2007, the new single will set your body ablaze with unbridled fury. Containing four new scorching tracks, Oktotenfest 2006 is heavier than any other previous Hanzel Und Gretyl release. Hold on tight as your blood starts to boil while you are slapped around with an all out industrial metal assault from hell. But the music doesn’t let up from there, the growling vocals deliver the final blows as you are lying on the ground begging for mercy. Forget that…there is no mercy, only Oktotenfest 2006! Released on Metropolis.<

Track Listing

01. Prost!
02. Stern Krieg
03. Fukken uber Death Party
04. Zum Wohl!