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Haggard. Eppur Si Muove. CD.

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Product Description

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German band Haggard deliver a sonic and historical heavy metal masterpiece that tells the story of Galileo Galilei. On Eppur Si Muove (Italian for "and it (Planet Earth) does move"), metal act Haggard concentrate on the historic figure of Galileo Galilei, inviting their audience on a journey into the past. Following a sabbatical of three years, Haggard returned to transform their ideas into a vibrant, even more vivid epic. Their linguistic authenticity is reinforced by the use of Italian, German, Latin, and English lyrics. The sonic picture is refined by an expanded instrumentation including a grand piano and the compositions are even more straightforward, pithy and driving without losing their familiar playfulness. Galileo's story of dreams, faith, belief, hope, humiliation and heresy takes on a breathtaking musical life of its own. Full of power and fragility, emotiveness and sensitivity, brute force and tenderness, and last but not least full of independence. Like Galileo, Haggard have always believed in themselves, following their own aspirations and ideals.

This version of Eppur si Muove comes with a one page insert and not a full booklet.

Track Listing

1. Eppur Si Muove
2. Herr Mannelig (Short Version)
3. Gavotta In Si-Minore
4. Herr Mannelig
5. Per Aspera Ad Astra
6. The Observer
7. Of A Might Divine
8. Menuetto In Fa-Minore
9. Larghetto / Epilogo Adagio
10. All'inizio รจ La Morte