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Haggard. Awaking the Centuries. CD.

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Released a decade ago in Germany and already in many people's books as one of the best metal albums of the new millenium, Haggard's Awaking the Centuries is a massive achievement in metal. Frontman Asis Nasseri and his team managed to enlist the New Moscow Radio Choir, who add an even more bombastic element to the album, guaranteeing aural delights. Once more they have returned to their tried and tested formula combining classical music with tough death metal and grunting vocals. Another highlight on the album is percussion legend Evert Fratermann, who is well known for his collaborations with Sting, Nigel Kennedy and many other renowned musicians. A perfect metal album for all fans of Epica, Leave's Eyes, or After Forever. Released on Artoffact.

Track Listing

1. Intro, Rachmaninov: Choir
2. Intro, Pestilencia
3. Chapter I, Heavenly Damnation
4. Chapter II, The Final Victory
5. Chapter II, Saltorella La Manuelina (La Manuelina)
6. Chapter III, Awaking the Centuries
7. Chapter III, Statement zur Lage der Musica
8. Chapter IV, In a Fullmoon Procession
9. Chapter IV, Menuett
10. Chapter V, Prophecy Fulfilled (Part I) / And the Dark Night Entered (Part II)
11. Chapter V, Courante
12. Chapter V, Rachmaninov: Choir