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  • hackedepicciotto. Menetekel. CD.
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hackedepicciotto. Menetekel. CD.

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"hackedepicciotto" are Alexander Hacke [Einstürzende Neubauten] and Danielle de Picciotto. Both are legends of their own: de Picciotto moved from NY to Berlin in 1987, to become the lead singer of “Space Cowboys“, co-initiator of the Love Parade and a collaborator of the Ocean Club with Gudrun Gut [Malaria]. Hacke is an original member and the bass player of Einstürzende Neubauten. The artist couple, romantically married in 2006, has creatively interacted with countless international projects for almost two decades now besides regularly releasing their own compositions.

"Menetekel" is darker than their last masterpiece "Perseverantia." The first song on the double LP whispers in harmony and sings: "Welcome to my home, welcome to my heart" but very quickly the shadows grow deeper and the mood becomes wilder, the trumpets sound and the fall of "Jericho" is eminent, or is it the exile from Paradise? Danielle & Alexander gave up their home in Berlin in 2010 and have been touring the world ever since trying to find a sanctuary comparable to the artists haven the city used to be in the eighties. But times have changed and it is each to his own now. The icy winds blowing are everywhere and thousands of homeless souls are wandering our roads, their personal search becoming a universal cry for deliverance. "The great rains have begun" Danielle exclaims on the second last track of the album "Prophecy," a whirlwind of oriental and western sounds dancing with each other faster and faster until they are morphed into the minimal and last song of the album "Crossroad." The symbolic and spiritual questions asked supply an unusual depth to the album, giving it a universal and very poignant touch of the human quest. "Standing on the crossroad. Cause and Effect. Our reaction is the only one in nature which has a choice."

Product Videos

Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto ~ Jericho (live at Whispers & Hurricanes, March 2017) (08:10)
Chaos Theory presents: Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto ~ Jericho. 100% live at Whispers & Hurricanes at Strongroom Bar (March 2017). Check out: Hacke De Picciotto - https://hackedepicciotto.bandcamp.com Danielle De Picciotto - http://www.danielledepicciotto.com Alexander Hacke - http://hacke.org Chaos Theory - New Music for Open Minds: http://chaostheorymusic.co.uk Recording, mix by Peter Junge - http://www.peterjunge.com Video shot & edited by RIFF.Underground - http://www.facebook.com/RIFF.Underground Copyright: Chaos Theory, RIFF.Underground (c) 2017
  • Alexander Hack...
    Chaos Theory presents: Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto...

Track Listing

01 All are welcome
02 Dreamcatcher
03 Jericho
04 Nosce te ipsum
05 Pilgrim
06 The long Way home
07 Pro-phecy
08 Crossroad

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