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  • Guilt Trip. Feed the Fire. CD.

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Guilt Trip. Feed the Fire. CD.

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Guilt Trip was born out of the ashes of Chirurgie Esthetique, stalwarts of Sweden’s industrial scene who were active throughout the nineties. Fuelled by dissent and incisive observations of mankind’s less enticing traits, Guilt Trip have little time for posturing and prefer to go straight for the listener’s jugular.

Despite being influenced by what post-industrial aficionados term the “Vancouver sound”, shaped by precursors such as Numb and Skinny Puppy, Guilt Trip have established an identity all of their own over the course of their three previous albums. The twelve tracks on “Feed the Fire” push the point further with their maelstrom of intricate, aggressive electronics and searing vocals.

Track Listing

1 Headplate
2 Breathe
3 Inanimate
4 Eternal Return
5 Unite
6 Once a Week Twice a Day
7 Reset
8 Life Spit Love
9 Fragments
10 Crack Up
11 Braptism
12 The Bright Side of Lies