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Grave Babies Crush us with the Awesome of their New Album


We don't do many rants on specific bands, but I think this year that's going to change. I mean, why rant only about political-business type stuff, when the reason we're all gathered in this room to begin with is that we love music? And that's what knocked us out this week when a colleague tipped us off to a band with serious edge.

We're talking about Seattle's own Grave Babies, who have put out several vinyls since 2009 and now release their self-described "nuclear~power~violence" in the form of their first full-length, Crusher. And by Crusher, they mean CRUSHER, cause this is seriously ballsy noise-rock meets goth meets post-punk, in a way that we, at least, have not heard before.

The video for Grave Babies "Fuck Off", from the superb Gothdammit vinyl.

Okay, for sure every band nowadays is either witch house or post-punk (or EBM, right)... but, to steal Grave Babies' own phrase, GOTHdammit they're great!



Here's a band that starts their album off with a 10 second wall of pulsating guitar sound, and quickly switches to a menacing weird backwards-tape voice that hints at exactly what they're about to give us for the next half hour or so: distorted (they call it blown-out) goth that sounds like it was recorded in a room with wet paint.

Crusher is such a great record because it's so blatantly weird, it revels in its weirdness, but at the same time it's not afraid to be totally indebted to some of the usual post-punk greats. A track like Breeding, one of the best on the record, constantly sounds like something I've heard before but then again it doesn't. Pain Cycle is another example: so messy, so dirty and all wrong, but it works really (really) well, so well that we are putting this up as our so-far album of the year...for real!

The video for Grave Babies "Skulls", from the new album Crusher.

One more thing: the good folks at Hardly Art really know how to break a band: charge a good price, even for vinyl, keep things in the reasonable category. Thus: even for import CDs and vinyl you're in the $15 to $20 range for this stuff. Smart.