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Glis. Disappear!

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Best-selling American artist on Alfa Matrix, GLIS, could have easily been resting on his laurels reproducing another EBM-pop album, repeating the success of “Balance” and “Equilibrium”. But Shaun decided to make a u-turn and incorporate on his forthcoming 4th album “Nemesis” (due to be released in March 2005) harsher distorted vocals into much darker EBM-industrial compositions, while keeping his modern and club-oriented dimension. Featured on a dozen of high-profile compilations, the track “No Pulse” was an instant club-hit worldwide. Today we present you GLIS’ new dark and heavy smasher hit entitled “Disappear!” (which has also been remixed for this EP by VIRTUAL><EMBRACE, CYCLONE-B and RE-COURSE) and alerts DJ’s worldwide of the “Nemesis” invasion. And for your ultimate pleasure, “No Pulse” also received the remix treatment by a handful of starq on the dark elektro scene in the likes of FLESH FIELD, GRENDEL, TACTICAL SEKT, C-DRONE DEFECT and UNTER NULL. An absolute must-have for all followers of SUICIDE COMMANDO, HOCICO & co.: a new leader in the genre surfaces on the horizon: run for shelter before “Nemesis” erases you from the map! This time, GLIS hits hard and seeks to define personal demons within the human condition... the struggle to find oneself amid the inevitable realization of mortality. Is death the conqueror of our demons? Is there any harmony in life after innocence has been corrupted? Is the human psyche the invisible virus? this is the concept of 'Nemesis'... 2005’s corruption is closing in. It’s time to “Disappear!”.