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  • Glass Apple Bonzai. In The Dark. Vinyl.
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Glass Apple Bonzai. In The Dark. Vinyl.

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As though climbing out of an ice cold DeLorean with wild eyes and crazy hair, Glass Apple Bonzai brings the manic romances, frozen hearts, deep emotions, and introspective darkness of 80's computer sounds to a new and modern audience that hungers for the traditional, yet unique.


The solo creative output of Daniel X. Belasco, Glass Apple Bonzai has self-released two albums of synthwave and synthpop, won Album of the Year and Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards in 2015 and 2016, performed at this year’s Iceland Airwaves Festival, in Reykjavik, and has stunned audiences in Canada at the Terminus and Aftermath Festivals.

The project’s third album and first for a label, In the Dark, will be released on Toronto-based Artoffact Records on December 9th on CD and with both black and purple vinyl formats following in the new year. The album also features guest contributions from Alex Reed (Seeming) and fellow Canadian Hello Moth.

Product Videos

Glass Apple Bonzai - Holy War [SYNTHPOP] (08:01)
Songs like this really appeal to me. I feel religion is where all hate and evil lie in this world... For lyrics & download: https://glassapplebonzai.bandcamp.com/
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    Songs like this really appeal to me. I feel religion is where ...
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Track Listing

1 Light in the Darkness (Overture)
2 Holy War
3 In the Dark
4 Suicide, You, and I
5 The Unholy (Interval)
6 Light in the Darkness (Reprise)
7 What They Say (featuring Hello Moth)
8 Modern Light (monologue by Alex Reed)
9 A New Day Begins
10 A Wicked Fire (Finale)