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  • Girl One and the Grease Guns. The strange little Lines that Humans draw in the Dust. CD.
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Girl One and the Grease Guns. The strange little Lines that Humans draw in the Dust. CD.


Product Description

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Imagine a place where HUMAN LEAGUE go to meet LUSH but on the way they stumble on Sarah Records' Heavenly and all together they finally meet Alan Vega and Suicide. Confused? That's the point. Because Girl One and the Grease Guns sound determined to merge electro pop and shoegaze in one concrete genre where do-it-yourself ethics and synth studio technology are the kings without even thinking to weigh their efforts to the one end of the balance or the other. Enigmatic and mysterious with a female, familiar but strange as well, lead vocalist, the four members of the group have quite elaborate names: Sissy Space Echo (The Girl One), Warren Betamax, Charles Bronson Burner and Bruce LeeFax (The Grease Guns). To add more confusion to this winning hybrid, Girl One and the Grease Guns have... already broken up. No one knows who they are, no photographs ever printed, no live concerts played, no interviews published… Girl One and the Grease Guns are a real mystery and no one knows if they'll ever decide to record some more sides. From April 2013 up to June 2015 they have released six singles and one ep on one of the most sophisticated indie labels of the U.K., Squirrel Records. All their released material is now finally included in this album, a delightful indie gem destined to fly away over bedrooms of kids with anorak coats and minimal synth pop fans that can tell the difference between Cabaret Voltaire and Chromatics.

Track Listing

01 Driving without Headlights (Once Again)
02 Burns My Brain
03 Hitting the Brick Wall
04 Jessica 6
05 The Creep Circus
06 (Here come the) Catastrophe Machine
07 Veronica
08 No Longer Spellbound
09 Bashed, beaten and broken (Trip the Switch)
10 Jesus on the Grille
11 (I'm a) Willing Receiver
12 Bring on the dancing Horse Meat
13 The Nightmare Room
14 Crater of Needles
15 Made out of Perspex
16 A Steel Cat in a Glass Jar
17 Suburban Robot
18 Minimal Effort
19 The Shatterproof Man