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  • Ghost & Writer. Red Flags. CD.

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Ghost & Writer. Red Flags. CD.

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Ghost & Writer, the musical lovechild of Frank M. Spinath (Seabound/Edge Of Dawn) and Jimmyjoe Snark III (The Weathermen) return with Red Flags. Ghost & Writer present music and melodies and lyrics that cut through you like a knife and leave you bleeding from the heart. As with Shipwrecks, Red Flags comes with 8 original tracks and 8 remixes.

Track Listing

01. Gambit
02. Hurricane
03. Shine
04. Never Take Fire
05. Just The Same
06. Beyond Repair
07. Demons Crawl
08. (Do I Have) Your Word
09. Gambit (Akanoid)
10. Hurricane (Splitter)
11. Shine (Acretongue)
12. Never Take Fire (Secret)
13. Just The Same (Iris)
14. Beyond Repair (Diskonnekted)
15. Demons Crawl (Dead When I Found Her)
16. (Do I Have) Your Word (Titanic Moon)