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  • Ghost Twin. Plastic Heart. CD.
  • Ghost Twin. Plastic Heart. CD.
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Ghost Twin. Plastic Heart. CD.

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The debut album from the Canadian dark synthpop duo, Ghost Twin!

Combining roaring synthlines, dirty pulsing bass, dreamy guitar and a haunting vocal dichotomy where Baroque meets industrial. Produced by Maya Postepski (Austra, Tr/st, Princess Century) and Michael P. Falk (Head in the Sand, Les Jupes). Postepski also provides live percussion, drum machine programming, and additional vocals. Features 11 tracks imbued with occult aesthetics, including Blue Room, Not Our Time, Mystic Sabbath, The Haunt and Chymical Wedding.

"Retro sleaze ball synths buzz around eerie baroque vocals." - Julijana Capone, Beatroute

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Track Listing

1. Blue Room
2. Plastic Heart
3. The Haunt
4. Not Our Time
5. Saturn Swallows the Sun
6. Chymical Wedding
7. Mystic Sabbath
8. Evermore
9. Into Oblivion
10. ElectroHirsute
11. Transfigured Heart