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  • Geistform. Transmitter. CD.
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Geistform. Transmitter. CD.

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Product Description

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Geistform album number six follows the “Tension” vinyl EP – the combination of the producer’s trademark analogue, repetitive noise patterns with point-blank techno rhythms caused quite a stir, and brought recognition across the genre camps. Now “Transmitter” brings an entire full length, 13 tracks propelled by crisp beats, but with a load of hiss and static layered between the kick and the snare. Thus, “Transmitter” stays well true to Geistform’s industrial roots, yet embraces the highly topical club sound of today.

Track Listing

01 Measurement
02 Gauss
03 Arc
04 Receptor
05 Ratan 600
06 Magnetometer
07 Cota 705
08 Singularity
09 Semiconductor
10 Momentum
11 Transmitter
12 Spear
13 Redshift

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