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  • Gabi Delgado. 2. 2CD.

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Gabi Delgado. 2. 2CD.

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“2”, scheduled to be out a year after “1”, will be released as a double album featuring 32 (!) * songs and bears witness to Gabi Delgado’s unbridled creativity, which most recently produced the free “X” album and a data stick electro album. After a long period of sound research, which saw him work mainly on bass sounds, he stresses that now the time has come to bring out a new recording. After all, he says in all seriousness, he has “around 130 fantastic songs ready and waiting.”  This may sound complacent, but his self-confident reflection of his own musical output is mainly the result of a consistent feedback channel between Delgado and his fans, because fan participation has always been important to him. He wants to create a new “pop star prototype”, as he calls it. To achieve this, he has more than forty groups on Facebook, Mixcloud and YouTube through which he communicates with fans and other artists on specific subjects. “I don’t want to have 100,000 followers on my sites like some people do,” he points out. “Everybody thinks the wrong way when it comes to the Internet. If a group has 3000 participants, I won’t accept any more and prefer to start a new one. A little like cell division.” He currently has one group on the subject of “Art, Music, Films”, one for actors, one for fashion designers and one on “Performance and Dance” – and doesn’t simply get tangible feedback on his news songs, but also creative input from various fields for his lyrics.  If you wonder how Gabi Delgado manages to keep abreast of so much communication and so many productions – where most of us would be more than happy with a tenth – you may find comfort in the fact that he appears to have a very special metabolism! “I only sleep when my batteries are really low – which is about every two days. That’s when I get really tired and stretch out for four, five hours at a time.”  Fascinating. Just like it’s difficult to resist the fascination of this exceptional artist. Gabi Delgado doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody – and from that independent and free position he is dispatching an album in “2” which couldn’t be more topical. 

Track Listing

02 Hausarrest
03 Der neue Stil
04 Astronaut
05 Geschichte
06 Gott ist tot
07 Dein Blick
08 Liebeslieder
09 Ich bin so froh
10 Begrüssungsgeld
11 Elektro Punk Kung Fu Meister
12 Festina
13 Musik
14 Nachtflug
15 Die Liebe
16 Viva la Droga Electronica

01 Zerstör die Disco
02 Tiere
03 Regen
04 Untergrund
05 Casioparty
06 Flieg mit mir davon
07 Kriegstanz
08 Angst
09 Dschungel
10 Bikini
11 Küss mich
12 Im Honig
13 Monontones elektronisches Hausklavier
14 Liebe, Se* und Drogen
15 Leicht
16 Tanzen

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