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  • Frozen Rabbit/ Connect_icut. Slow Endless Boy/2005.04.09. CD.

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Frozen Rabbit / Connect_icut. Slow Endless Boy/2005.04.09. CD.

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Originally only available on the Frozen Rabbit and connect_icut joint tour in May of 2005. Packaged in a clamshell with 1 of 8 different imaged information cards. The release was originally going to have a design on the disc, but due to increased production time only 30 copies were pressed before the plant had to abandon the run and start again with a simpler design; these copies were used as promos. The Frozen Rabbit track was meant to be the first track on the disc, but for various reasons became the second track. Track 1 was recorded live at Blim in Vancouver, BC on April 9th, 2005.

Track Listing

1 Connect_icut
2 Frozen Rabbit
Slow Endless Boy