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  • Frozen Rabbit. 26,000. CD.

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Frozen Rabbit. 26,000. CD.

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26,000 was released May 03, 2005 on the Dehausset label. Frozen Rabbit's debut CD represents sonic futurism at its most epic. 26,000 pits gradually unfolding analogue synth drones against monumental walls of reverb while flickering, ghost like voices emerge from the ether. This is nocturnal psychedelia; simultaneously languid and intense. Frozen Rabbit is a new project from renowned Vancouver musician and engineer Phil Western, in collaboration with Tim Hill.

Western is best known as a member of Skinny Puppy and offshoot project Download. Western was also a full-time member of Off'n'Gone, Floatpoint and Plateau, and has worked with an excessively long number of artists. Previous collaborations between Western and Hill have been rooted in dance floor ready techno. Here they drop the beats and focus on the darkly meditative, expansive potential of pure, resonant sound. This admirably adventurous new approach takes the style of the ambient disk from Western's solo CD World's End to a whole other level of ornate abstraction. 

The artwork for the CD comes courtesy of renowned Vancouver artist Jim Cummins aka I, Braineater.

Track Listing

1 Mould Sets In
2 Never Say Forever
3 Isolate Now
4 26,000
5 Purification Process
6 A Flash Of Light Then You're Gone
7 Cold Morning
8 Frozen Rabbit