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  • Frozen Plasma. Herz. CD.

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Frozen Plasma. Herz. CD.

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it has been quite some time since their smash hits 'tanz die revolution' or 'warmongers' did take the dancefloors worldwide by storm! now frozen plasma are back with a massive new limited single called 'herz' ('heart'). the band again did choose their mother tongue for the vocals of this breathtaking new song. the 8 song single comes as a limite 1000 unit world wirde limited edition featuring original song, bonustrack and club mix as well as remixes by rob dust, nachtmahr, rotersand & neuroticfish! a massive release and for sure the next frozen plasma hit!

Product Videos

Frozen Plasma - Herz (Intersection Mix) (2013) (05:25)
Frozen Plasma - Herz (Intersection Mix) (2013) more music news at https://www.facebook.com/EBMIndustrial?ref=hl.
  • Frozen Plasma ...
    Frozen Plasma - Herz (Intersection Mix) (2013) more music news...