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Front Line Assembly. WarMech. 2LP Vinyl (Limited WHITE Vinyl).

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We got back a small number of the exclusive TOUR editions in WHITE vinyl that were discovered in a box. Limited quantities and then GONE AGAIN!
Artoffact Records is proud to present Front Line Assembly's all-new soundtrack for Carbon Games' latest creation, WarMech! Head of arsenal Bill Leeb is joined by Jared Slingerland, Sasha Keevill, Craig Johnsen, and the late-great Jeremy Inkel on a tour de force 12-track full-length album that is as much electronic masterpiece as it is game soundtrack gold. WarMech ranges from industrial to ambient to techno, and will blow the minds of fans of the earlier AirMech soundtrack, as well as long-time fans of Front Line Assembly.
CD digipak version also available.
AirMech Wastelands expands the AirMech universe through experiencing the journey from a scavenger to a commander in the war against the machines. After global conflict erased countries and borders, automated armies continued their mission by restoring production of WarMechs to finish their directive. Do you flee the advancing threat, or join the fight to put an end to the hidden source of this new assault? Discover parts to improve your collected AirMechs and use abandoned factories to build armies of your own to take down the machines. Join forces with other pilots from the waste for co-operative online play and save humanity!
AirMech Strike is a free Player vs Player action-strategy game available on PC and Steam (http://airmech.com) where you battle other AirMech pilots to dominate contested territory. Using your AirMech, a transforming mech which can fight on the ground or fly in the sky and carry your armies over the battle. Build tanks, troops, artillery and more to hold your ground or push the fight forward. Each AirMech class has unique abilities, and teaming up with other AirMechs to enter battle lets you decide the type of commander you want to be. Intense combat action and complex strategic play is the path to victory!

Track Listing

Side A

Side B
The Imminent
Force Carrier

Side C
Rip Sensor
The Eminent

Side D