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  • Freakangel. How the Ghost became. CD.

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Freakangel. How the Ghost became. CD.

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Product Description

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After 3 albums for Belgian label Alfa-Matrix, Estonian outfit FREAKANGEL have moved to DWA for the release of their new album “How the Ghost became” – finally taking what has now become a full four-piece band firmly into industrial metal territory.

Dmitry’s singing, now freed from distortion, has never sounded so powerful and no album has ever come this close to capturing the full ferocity of FREAKANGEL’s live performance.

Songs like “Make Me Disappear” have probably more in common with MOTIONLESS IN WHITE or MARILYN MANSON than anything remotely considered “electronic” – while those hoping for the more four-to-the-floor groove of the band’s early releases will find that fused with this super- heavy new FREAKANGEL sound in songs like the album opener “Witness the Fall” or the club- friendly “Giving up the Ghost”.

Setting a formidable new standard in industrial metal, “How the Ghost became” is an album that even FREAKANGEL themselves may find hard to follow!

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Track Listing

01 Mardyakhor
02 Witness the Fall
03 Insight
04 Make Me disappear
05 In the Witch House
06 Giving up the Ghost
07 Hell and Back
08 Death walks with us
09 Kingdom of Fire