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  • Frame of Mind. Murderous Thoughts. CD.
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Frame of Mind. Murderous Thoughts. CD.


Product Description

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Founded in 1988 ‘Frame of Mind’ also known as Michael Friedrich (music, synths, programming) and Marko Hein (text & voice) started to produce dark electro wave inspired by their heroes Skinny Puppy. As part of the ‘first wave’ of new bands of that genre the band recorded two songs (‘Love Is…’ and ‘...Is Love’) for the first part of the famous ‘Body Rapture’ compilation on Zoth Ommog which was released in 1990 by label founder Talla 2xlc. After getting noticed by the scene and various live shows they started to record their first full length which unfortunately never got released. As a coincidence Marko met Torben Schmidt (label owner of Infacted Recordings) in 2015 and the idea for another classics cd was born. As part of the classics series infacted recordings now releases this true treasure under the name ‘Murderous Thoughts’, again digitally remastered by Guido Fricke of Audion-x. Almost 30 years after being created the album will finally see the light of day! Get your hands on this since it is again strictly limited and will not be repressed!

Product Videos

Frame of Mind - Peer Culture (04:41)
Murderous Thoughts (2017) https://infactedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/murderous-thoughts
  • Frame of Mind ...
    Murderous Thoughts (2017) https://infactedrecordings.bandcamp...

Track Listing

1. Love is... 04:01
2. 1933 (v.1.) 04:42
3. AIDS 03:16
4. Bypass 02:53
5. Murderous Thoughts 04:17
6. Power Of A Word 04:12
7. Is Love... 03:41
8. 1933 (Long Edit) 05:23
9. Black Man 04:05
10. Time To Time 04:09
11. Hands Of Murder 05:14
12. Heartbeat 03:02
13. Peer Culture 04:40
14. Escaped In Pride 03:50
15. Change 05:50